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Contact Enrichment

Sell more with personalized email marketing.

Connect or import your email list

We search 100's of online data sources

We return your list, with detailed profiles

Supercharged Mail Merge

Mail merging personal details increases open and click rates.

On average, Hive finds:

  • First Name for 70% of contacts.
  • Gender for 50% of contacts.
  • Location for 25% of contacts.
  • Social Profiles for 50% of contacts.

Powerful Segments

Get personal with segments built on social data.

Send tailored email blasts to:

  • Contacts who live in the United States and love hip hop.
  • Contacts who have more than 5,000 followers on Twitter.

Social Email Triggers

Send emails based on real-time social engagement events.

With social-triggers, you can:

  • Send a new promotion the next time someone engages with your Twitter page.
  • Thank your most active and engaged enthusiasts.

Increase revenue generated by your email marketing.

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